Visual Studio code is a fantastic code editor and so far I have used it for all my published courses.   However, it is not always perfect and as far as Frequently Asked Questions go on my courses, VS Code not behaving perfectly is one of those.   So what can we do if we run into an issue with VS Code – an issue by the way means that intellisense is not working, or the quick fix command is not working – that kind of thing.

Step 1.  Reload the window.

I cannot emphasise how important doing this as a first step is.   99 times out of 100 this will resolve whatever issue you are having and is the equivalent of giving VS Code a kick.

Just use the Command Palette (CMD + SHIFT + P) and search for Reload Window, then VS Code will reload, typically fixing whatever issue you had.

Step 2.  Check the logs.

If the issue persists after reloading the window then the next thing to do is get more information.   The most common issue I see is that the intellisense for C# is not working.   This is controlled by an extension we install called C# – powered by Omnisharp.   If this has an issue then it will report the problem in the logs.   To see the logs here we need to get to the output window – we can get here by opening the terminal, then selecting the output tab, then selecting Omnisharp from the dropdown:

In here scroll up and keep an eye out for any errors – if you do see an error then copy/paste this error into Google as I can guarantee you will not be the first to experience an issue with this.

So just a few tips that would resolve almost all the VS Code related questions I see in the Q&A  for the courses.   I’ll update this post with further tips based on the questions that come in to hopefully make it easier to solve these kind of issues.